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The best diagnostic tools you can buy for your car in 2020

Fancy electronic systems are now making it more and more difficult for a bit of home-based tinkering on your motor.
Having engine trouble? Professional car diagnostic tools can help you get to the bottom of it and find the cause

The best diagnostic tools you can buy for your car in 2020

Gone are the days where lifting the bonnet and having a quick check might resolve a minor rattle.

These days, one of the biggest gripes from drivers is manufacturers’ refusal to disclose error codes, meaning you’re out-of-pocket before you even understand what is wrong with the car.

Shelling out on a car diagnostics tool is a smart alternative, since it’s paid for itself in the first diagnosis and can be used on multiple vehicles.

By diagnosing what the issue is at home, you can combine the results with an internet search and potentially save yourself hundreds in maintenance and repair bills.

The car diagnostic tool, also known as a car reader, will not only give you the error codes, but also means of resetting them.

The tool connects to the OBD II port. This is the way garages connect their software tools to determine what the matter is with your car.

Though it’s usually located under the steering wheel, it can vary between manufacturers and some manufacturers are known (and frequently criticised) for putting it in hard-to-reach areas to kerb home diagnoses.

It’s worth checking where your port is before you invest, to make sure you feel comfortable accessing it.